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Our School

Tasman School is a vibrant, caring, family orientated school of around 110 students. We work with families to support students to be the best they can be as successful individuals and contributing future members of society.

We are passionate about academic achievement, our environment, the arts, and physical activity. We are focussed on the technologies of the future and expect to have some fun along the way.                  

We have highly skilled staff, an active, involved community, and superb grounds  

The school has excellent facilities. Along with the large grounds, it has a swimming pool, well stocked library, a large tennis/netball court, and use up-to-date e-learning devices such as Chromebooks and iPads.  We have an attractive library and hall which is used by school and community alike.  
Our  five  classrooms  are newly refurbished to provide a vibrant attractive environment for our learning. 

The school is well placed to provide the best of both town and country -  as it builds on the past to achieve an exciting future.