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Room 1 Stationery List 2018

Please find listed below the stationary requirements for 2018.

We sell New Entrant stationery boxes with all items listed below from the office. The total cost for one of these is $42.00.

Most items are available from booksellers or the Warehouse/Warehouse Stationery.

The items marked * are probably ONLY available at the school.

If your child has books from last year which have not been filled up yet, they may continue using these during 2018. Please ensure your child has their stationery prior to school beginning.

The office hold a number of the items below and if you talk to the Room 1 Teacher, we may be able to provide you with what your child requires and invoice you for the stationery purchased.

New Entrants Need (once only when starting school)

2 x Pencils

1 x Homepack

1 x JWB  *

1 x My Literacy Book 1 (Warwick)*

2 x 1A5 Unlined Book

2 x Scrapbooks

1 x Home Reading Book  *

1 x My Special Dictionary  *

1 x 1F2 Exercise Book

1 X Box Tissues

1 x Glue Stick

2 X Whiteboard pens

1 X Clearfile


Returning Children should have the above from last year but also need:

2 x 1F4 Exercise Book

1 x 1A5 Exercise Book

1 x My Literacy Book 1 (Warwick)*

4 X Pencils

2 X Whiteboard Pens

1 X Box of Tissues

1 X Glue Stick