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Room 3 Stationery 2018


Most items are available from booksellers the Warehouse, or Warehouse Stationery.

Your child may reuse stationery items from last year.

Please ensure your child has their stationery prior to school beginning and that items are named.

Available from the office:
1 x My Special Word Collection (Kluwell)
1 x Steps Book 

Available from Bookseller:

1 x small pencil tin or case
1 x larger pencil case for coloured pencils or felts
1 x Office Max A4 Spiral Visual Diary (or similar)
1 x Office Max  2018 student diary (or similar)
1 x Warwick 7mm Quad "My Maths Book 2"  (or A4 size Maths book)
1 x Warwick "My Literacy Book 3" (or 1B8)
1 x Warwick "My Everyday Book" unruled (or 1B8)
4 x glue sticks (named)
1 x small notebook (A5)
4 x L shaped pocket 
1 x black vivid fine bullet tip 
10 x black ball point pen (named)
10 x red ball point pen (named)
1 x metal ruler (named)
10 x pencils (named)
1 x watercolour pencils - pack of 12 (Derwent Academy or similar)
2 x rubber
1 x pencil sharpener
1 x whiteboard marker
1 x manilla file with clips
2 x Office max A4 display book 40 pages (or similar) - year 5's recycle from last year)
1 x magazine file to use as book box
1 x Office Element A4 80g white copy paper 500 pack (or similar)
1 x scissors

Felts - optional

Most of the above items can be ordered online through Officemax. If you cannot find the exact item you may substitute it for something similar.