Tasman School was established in 1913 and was originally known as Aporo School due to the apples that are grown in the region.

In 2013, we celebrated our 100 year centenary.

The school is set on 5 acres of park-like grounds in the middle of Tasman Township. It is situated about 8 kilometres from Motueka and 35 kilometres from Nelson.

Tasman School Memories

Jack Boyd  -  (His father was the Foreman of the Tasman Sawmill)

I started at Tasman School in 1932. There was just one classroom and the sole teacher was Mr Humphreys. He was a good teacher and very strict - no talking in his class, which consisted of 6 boys. Later a young girl came to teach the Primmers, but Mr H. got rid of her, she went out with boys! Once a year we had a sports day held at either Moutere or Mapua. We would travel on wooden seats on the back of a truck.I have an early memory of electricity coming to Tasman, It was the year 1931 and I was 4. I remember sitting watching men digging holes and using railway irons for poles.The sawmill was built straight after and that increased the pupil numbers so that the school had to build a new classroom. - March 2013

Tasman School Centennial 2013

Marking 100 years of history
Took place on March 15, 16 & 17, 2013
This marked the historic achievement of Tasman School reaching its centenary. Tasman school celebrated 100 years’ providing education to the region’s children. There was much to celebrate and there were a number of special events organised for the reunion proceedings.

Formal Opening
The celebrations started at 4.00 pm with the registrations and the formal opening of the Centenary at Tasman school. Wine and nibbles were served and this was the first opportunity for participants to catch up with old classmates. 

Open Day
Saturday was ‘open day’ at the school. 

There was also a wonderful school play called 'The School That Grew From an Apple Tree'. This play tells the history of our school from 1910 to now and includes familiar local names, it was performed by our current Tasman School students.

Decade student group photos (including previous Board Members and Teachers) were taken after the school production for those wanting a keepsake. This was followed by a commemorative tree planting and afternoon tea. 

Art Auction
An art auction was held to raise funds for the school. We had works from more than 30 local artists on display in the office area of Tasman School.

The Main Event (Dinner)
The main Centennial event was held on Saturday night with a dinner and dance starting from 6.00 pm and continuing until late. This was held at Tasman Bible Church on Williams Road. Dinner was catered by ‘The Jester House’ and the entertainment was provided by Damon Ward. A special Centenary cake was displayed.

Muddy Buddys
The conclusion of the weekend’s fun was the Muddy Buddy event. This is a renowned annual adventure fun run through the mud flats of the Moutere Inlet. Centennial attendees were encouraged to enter in the Blast from the Past category. Winners of this section received an amazing trophy celebrating the past.

Church Service
There was a Church service at Tasman Bible Church in the afternoon.